The time is now!


The time is now!


In the late 60's before Roe, a brave bunch of young, courageous women got together on their University of Chicago campus, and formed, "The Janes". They saw a need for safe abortion care for girls and women, so they decided to fulfill the need. They even went as far as learning how to safely perform abortions themselves. Even if it could and at one point, did cost them their freedom. 

We are the daughters of that movement! 

We Are Jane is what we can do about Roe being overturned, NOW!

 Instead of just being angry and afraid until November, we can put on a JANE tshirt and engage others. 

We can help get people registered to vote, share accurate information about abortion resources, up to date reproductive justice news and make sure women in states where abortion is banned still get access to the healthcare they are entitled to! 

Sometimes being your mothers daughter isn't such a bad thing. And wearing a t-shirt can be an incredibly radical act!

That time is now!